Liv golf, source inside announced the budget

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Liv golf, source inside announced the budget

The first season of the League supported by the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of the Saudi government, has ended. It is therefore possible to make a final balance of the sums invested for the launch of the circuit which has had a disruptive effect on the world of professional golf.

During the course of work, we gradually reported the amounts agreed with the players as entrance tickets and those of the tournament prize pools, sums never seen before on professional Tours. Now sources inside the LIV have announced the total.

Liv Golf, budget

The budget for the 2022 season is $784 million. The total prize pool of the eight events played was 225 million. The lion's share came from the signings, although the figures cannot be found, since the contracts cannot be consulted.

Phil MIckelson, Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau and Cameron Smith would have made very "heavy" agreements, although, in reality, we are spread over several years. We must then consider the item of out-of-pocket expenses, given that the League led by Greg Norman takes care of the travel and hospitality of players and caddies.

The same sources also communicated the budget foreseen for the 2023 season, equal to one billion dollars. The increase is linked to the expansion of the calendar, which will reach 14 events. The PGA Tour, as we have seen, has chosen to respond by following the path of increasing the prize money of the competitions and the various incentive programs dedicated to its members, denying what was initially claimed by Commissioner Jay Monahan.

But the figures put in place are lower than those guaranteed by the Saudis. The confrontation between the two sides has decidedly taken a "financial" as well as legal turn (the causes are multiplying ...). The only good news in this gloomy panorama is (finally) the awareness by the top players of the fact that this situation can only lead to the definitive explosion of professional golf.

LIV Golf is a professional golf tour funded by the Public Investment Fund, the sovereign wealth fund of Saudi Arabia. The name "LIV" refers to the Roman numerals for 54, the score if each hole on a par-72 course was birdidated, and the number of holes to be played in LIV events.