Sergio Garcia disagrees with Tiger Woods

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Sergio Garcia disagrees with Tiger Woods

After the announcement of the incorporation of Valderrama to the LIV Tour, Sergio García and Eugenio López Chacarra, colleagues in the Fireballs team and the two full-fledged Spanish members, chatted for half an hour with a group of journalists.

These were his reflections.

Sergio Garcia, statements

"They asked me what I thought of Valderrama's option and I told them that if that possibility existed, upside down. For me it is the best course in the world and, at least, the best course in continental Europe.

Valderrama deserves a field like the one he's going to have. The European Tour has spent all this time saying that great players were going to come and whatever happened, in the end no one went. It's a shame. And Valderrama deserved a tournament like this." .

"I'm fine. Yesterday he did a week of the operation. The doctor, who is a cousin of Ángela (his wife) is very good at the knee and I feel very well. I have not had to wear crutches at any time. In these At times I feel at 85-90% now.

I still have to do a bit of rehabilitation. In addition to cleaning the meniscus, I had loose cartilage and a couple of bones touched behind the kneecap and I feel it well. I think I could give balls Yeah, but we're not going to force it." "Seeing the quality of players that are going to be at Valderrama says it all.

Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau, Phil Mickelson, Patrick Reed, myself, Eugenio López Chacarra, Carlos Ortiz, Abraham Ancer, Poulter will be there. , Westwood... Since the American Express in 2000 they have not had a course like the one they are going to have.

Valderrama has deserved this for a long time. The European Tour has not been able to take advantage of Valderrama and we will take advantage of it. And may the people enjoy it That he deserves it." "Obviously there are things we are fighting for that we would like to achieve: world ranking points first.

And like everything at the beginning you have to improve it and it gain strength. You are not going to enter a league that is starting and the tournaments are going to be just as important as those who have been 60 years old.

But that doesn't mean that we aren't competing at the top. A lot of people say: "those are exhibitions". That's false. I can assure you. When we're there, we're competing to the fullest because we like to win. And to do well for our team, which is something different and something we are very excited about because it is new.

We are in this because we believe in the project. The potential is very, very great and that is why many players have come, not only for the money" "Tiger Woods said that Greg Norman has to go. And Monahan (PGA Tour commissioner) has to stay or go? It's very easy and say those on the other side have to go.

And those on your side? There are also people who have done things wrong. You have to look at everything. Greg Norman is our CEO and we support him. We all wish we could come to an agreement. There are people who could have done wrong in both places, but it seems that there are only bad guys on one side."