Max Homa changed his Twitter bio to get the attention of LIV Golf!

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Max Homa changed his Twitter bio to get the attention of LIV Golf!

LIV Golf has arrived on the golf scene and has caused various controversies and rumors as a result. There were a lot of players who wanted to be a part of this tour due to the huge amount of money that was at stake. It seemed that all of the players were associated with the Saudi-backed competition in some way.

There were a few golfers who were not associated with LIV Golf in the past, including Max Homa. The subject of this episode was discussed by Max Homa in a humorous manner. “Yeah, yeah, huge insult,” Homa said laughing, as quoted by

“No, I guess it would have been cool to be a part of that so I could live the life of, you know, it felt like a reality TV series for a bit”.

Max Homa and Twitter joke

Max Homa wanted to attract attention and decided to make a joke.

As a result, he changed his Twitter bio. “Brooks [Koepka] changed his bio and everyone figured out he was going [to LIV],” Homa said. “I was like, oh, I'm going to get in on this and see if people catch on but didn't realize that my Twitter bio doesn't get a ton of traction.

I would have liked to be caught in the rumor mill so I could have run with it for a little while, it would have been good for that [PGA Tour Player Impact Program] thing, but was not lucky enough to be caught up”.

Max Homa once again decided to joke and comment on Kevin Kisner. "I mean, it is what it is. I'm frustrated I lost to Kisner, I'm not quite sure how that happened," he said. "Played better than him, carried him at the QBE last year, so not sure how I lost to him, so that was disappointing."