Tiger Woods 'talked about the top players being rewarded more'


Tiger Woods 'talked about the top players being rewarded more'

Tiger Woods and about 20 PGA Tour players held a meeting before the Hero World Challenge. Looks like LIV Golf is a big threat to them. Golf Channel's Hoggard talked about the details. "Yeah there was another meeting, we have had a lot of those lately it seems," the Golf Channel's Hoggard said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com.

"I spoke with a source familiar with the meeting. It happened last night, it was here on property at Albany and it lasted about two hours I was told."

Hoggard: I was told essentially it was just a continuation

The seriousness of Tiger Woods' intentions has once again been demonstrated in his actions.

It is evident that he understands how decisive his words can be when it comes to influencing certain changes. Woods and McIlroy are the two key men in the 'fight' against LIV Golf. "I was told essentially it was just a continuation of the conversation that started a few months ago in Wilmington, Delaware, when Tiger and Rory got all the game's top players together and tried to come up with some sort of response to LIV Golf," Hoggard said.

"Now I specifically asked Tiger Woods yesterday what his message is in these meetings and what is he telling players, and he really touches on some familiar bullet points here. He talked about playing opportunities for younger players, he talked about legacy, being able to play the major championships, and he also talked about the top players being rewarded more.

Again, these are all things we've heard before, but it certainly hits differently when it comes from a 15-time Major champion." As Tiger Woods said in a recent interview, he made some suggestions that are sure to please players on the PGA Tour. The young ones, in particular, could greatly benefit from everything. We will see what will happen.

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