Bites off friend's nose after golf fight: arrested

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Bites off friend's nose after golf fight: arrested

A Monday like any other in a US golf course ended in tragedy. After hours of arguments and insults, a 51-year-old golfer attacked his fellow player and bit his nose off.

Arrested, history

Anyone who reads this blog knows that sometimes golf crosses the black news, made up of fatal accidents and their surroundings.

Rarely, however, have we been faced with episodes as violent as the one that occurred on Monday 28 November in the parking lot of one of the casinos in Bay St.Louis, with just over ten thousand inhabitants in the US state of Mississippi.

Police arrived at the crime scene around 9.30pm, alerted by a fight between two people. Once on the spot, the police found themselves in front of a man on the ground with a disfigured and bleeding face. And above all without the nose.

His nose had been bitten off shortly before, at the height of a fistfight with a 51-year-old, identified shortly after in Mark Wells, a resident of the town of Biloxi. The victim, in evident state of shock, is in hospital.

According to the police report, there is no longer a trace of his nose. It didn't take the agents long to reconstruct the motive and dynamics of the attack: the victim and the perpetrator were arguing over golf. In fact, in the morning the two had played together on the course of the Bridges Golf Club but something happened on the course had made them lose their temper.

From the dispute that began on the green, a dispute arose that went on throughout the day and degenerated into violence in the evening. After the crime, Wells initially lost track of him aboard a blue Tesla and then turned himself in.

For him an accusation of mutilation and half an hour behind bars (from 23.46 to 00.22, as written in the report) in Hankock prison. Then the 51-year-old posted $5,000 bail and walked out. The man faces up to seven years in prison for a crime deemed intentional.

Bay St. Louis is a city in the United States of America, the county seat of Hancock County in the state of Mississippi.