Greg Norman reacts to the call outs: "It's my leadership that has them scared. Maybe”

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Greg Norman reacts to the call outs: "It's my leadership that has them scared. Maybe”

Greg Norman will not give up his goals despite the 'call outs' by Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods. On the contrary, his ambitions remain even greater. Norman spoke about it in a conversation with “I’ve got the support of our investors,” Norman said.

“Our ambitions going forward I can tell you are pretty significant and elevated from where we are in 2022" Many people wonder why Greg Norman is under so much pressure and criticism, but he has no answer. Norman already had a similar experience in the 90s.

“You have to ask them that question; I really don’t care. I knew when I came into this position that I needed to have thick skin” he said. "I went through it in 1994, I’ve been through this scenario before.

It wasn’t Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy in those days; it was Arnold Palmer. For me, the experience and knowledge and understanding of the playbook just allows you to keep looking forward. As I said, I really don’t care what they say”.

Norman has no intention of leaving his position. “I am not going anywhere. I don’t care what anybody says. I’m not going anywhere. I am so proud of the position I am in and maybe, maybe, it’s my leadership that has them scared.


LIV Golf

LIV Golf made a big 'boom' when they arrived on the golf scene and immediately at the start they gained great popularity. Greg Norman talked about the statistics that speak in favor of LIV Golf being a successful project.

“If I had to scale it (the debut year) from one to 10, I would give us a 9.5. The impact and the deliverables we’ve achieved in an eight-month time period this year are nothing short of phenomenal.
But it’s also a testament that the market in the golfing world was looking for something like us and LIV can work within the system.

I was very, very proud of what we did. Here’s an interesting stat: 71% of all those who attended LIV events this year had never been to a golf event before. It is just an eye-opener. I think it’s like 55% were under 44.

We’re reaching a younger audience. This was the goal we always wanted. We knew golf was stuck in a really old box with the demographics. This was our mission to reach down and expand the game of golf to a broader footprint to get to the younger generation”.