Rory McIlroy on the 'moment' when he decided to fight against Greg Norman

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Rory McIlroy on the 'moment' when he decided to fight against Greg Norman

Rory McIlroy's interview with The Independent caused a lot of reactions. The Northern Irishman talked about interesting topics and revealed many things we did not know. One of the topics was, of course, Greg Norman. Rory McIlroy and Greg Norman are 'at war' over the Northern Irishman's stance on LIV Golf.

However, everything was different in May when Rory decided to congratulate Greg Norman for his performance and speech in Shark, the 30 For 30 documentary. Greg Norman answered him right after and sent an interesting message, in which he revealed that he wanted to 'give a chance' to everyone through golf.

“He came back to me straight away: “I really think golf can be a force for good around the world … Great to see you playing so well … I know our opinions are not aligned but I’m just trying to create more opportunities for every golfer around the world”.

Fine. Really nice”. - Rory McIlroy said.

Rory McIlroy and Greg Norman

However, Rory McIlroy was shocked by the behavior of Greg Norman, who decided to call Rory McIlroy out after some time in an interview with the Washington Post.

That was exactly the moment when the Northern Irishman decided that he would fight against Norman and LIV Golf. For several months now, Rory has been trying to provoke the leaders of LIV Golf, but argumentatively, of course.

Tiger Woods and he are not giving up the fight. The PGA Tour is the only option for them! “Then, a couple of weeks later, he does an interview with The Washington Post and says I’ve been ‘brainwashed by the PGA Tour.’ I’m like ‘For f—k sake!’.

We’ve had this really nice back-and-forth and he says that about me. I thought, ‘You know what? I’m going to make it my business now to be as much of a pain in his arse as possible.’”