Nintendo Switch Sports, the update with golf

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Nintendo Switch Sports, the update with golf

Golf is finally here for Nintendo Switch Sports. It was one of the missing sports in the evolution of the historic Nintendo game, which began to entertain us way back in 2006 with Wii Sports, the year the Nintendo Wii console arrived on the market.

It was the beginning of the era of interactivity, thanks to the wireless device (Wii Remote) capable of simulating a golf club in its movement in three dimensions. Now, with the 2022 version for Nintendo Switch, a remote control is used that is very similar to the previous one, the Joy-Con, which also features gyroscope sensors.

The 2006 one was already a fantastic sports simulation game and there were tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and baseball, while with Nintendo Switch Sports there are now tennis, bowling, football, volleyball, badminton, chanbara (sword fighting) and now also golf, added with the free update 1.3.0 of November 29, 2022.

Nintendo Switch Sports, golf

Just download the update, and we're ready to hit the green, choose the club based on the distance, the wind, whether the ball is in the fairway, rough or bunker. For guaranteed fun. In Nintendo Switch Sports Golf there is the possibility of playing both locally and online, with up to 8 players in the new elimination mode Survival Golf, and also in LAN, challenging another console and game owner in the same room, connecting via cable and playing each on their own screen: a bit like when in the 90s we connected two different Gameboys with a cable for Tetris challenges.

Among the innovations introduced here is the assisted shooting mode (only locally and not online), especially useful for those who know very little about golf and just want to have fun with friends or family, without paying too much attention to the complex movement of the swing.

You can choose from 21 golf courses based on those of the old Wii Sports series. For the rest, lots of fun and multiplayer challenges, where whoever finishes the hole with the most strokes will be eliminated. Nintendo Switch Sports is a sports simulation video game developed by Nintendo EPD for the Nintendo Switch.

It is the spiritual successor to 2006's Wii Sports, the first in the series to no longer use the Wii branding.