Franco Chimenti: "2023, unrepeatable year"

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Franco Chimenti: "2023, unrepeatable year"

The countdown is over, 2023 is almost upon us. It will be the most important year in the history of italian golf. The President of Federgolf Franco Chimenti talked about it with Golf and Tourism.

Franco Chimenti, statements

"Enthusiasm grows with each passing day and we get closer and closer to this historic season.

The results are beginning to be in line with what we expected once the very serious crisis caused by Covid has been overcome. We are facing significantly increasing numbers among both young people and adults and there is an attention and interest in our sport never perceived before by the Italian population.

New generations are approaching, many families have started attending our clubs and there is finally a different perception of golf. Very important data also comes from the number of people involved in the Ryder Cup Project which has been and is an indisputable success, and which at the end of 2023 will determine a clear change with our past".

"Last November 23rd at Castello Tolcinasco we met the presidents and directors of our clubs proposing a solution to fight together the exorbitant price increases due to the energy crisis. It was an extraordinary success to see so many representatives of our clubs join the initiative and discuss all together passionately on a topic so central to their activities.

Following our meeting in Tolcinasco, I also met some presidents of other federations and they complimented me on what I proposed to the point that they too would like to replicate this initiative. After having had the first consent to continue on the part of the clubs, we sent everyone a letter of adhesion to the consortium project, the first step in getting everything started.

It is a unique opportunity on a very delicate and vital issue for the future of the country's golf clubs, which are the soul of our movement and must obviously be preserved and protected. "The interest in Italy is frightening, we are in the spotlight of the whole world and we are in the right way.

Mine is not a simple perception but an absolute certainty. The efforts made in recent years to promote Italy and our golf have been partially mitigated by Covid which inevitably forced us to stop but we still managed to do an excellent job.

Today the numbers prove us right, the consideration of Italy has grown significantly and the feedback received for the organization of the Ryder Cup is really excellent".