Legends Tour, everything ready in Mauritius

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Legends Tour, everything ready in Mauritius

In Mauritius, everything is almost ready for the MCB Tour Championship, the last act of the Legends Tour 2022. The event, scheduled from 9 to 11 December, will take place on the Constance Belle Mare Plage course in Poste de Flacq.

Legends Tour, full event and schedule

The best athletes of the order of merit and the protagonists of the season will participate in the event taking place there. Among these, also Emanuele Canonica. The blue is aiming for a prestigious result after finishing in third place the last tournament of the Legends Tour which was played last week in the Seychelles.

Canonica will also have to face, among others, the first three of the 'money list' of the Legends Tour: the South African James Kingston, the Brazilian Adilson Da Silva and the Welshman Phillip Price, as well as the 2019 'defending champion' Jarmo Sandelin (in 2020 and in 2021 it did not take place due to Covid-19).

The Republic of Mauritius, also referred to in Italian as Maurizio (in English Republic of Mauritius, AFI: /məˑrɪʃ(ⁱ)É™s/; in French République de Maurice), is a state insular of Africa; it is located in the southwestern Indian Ocean 550 km east of Madagascar.

In addition to the main island of the same name, it also includes the islands of Agalega, Cargados Carajos and Rodrigues. Mauritius is geographically part of the Mascarene Islands archipelago, which also includes the French overseas territory of Réunion, about 200 km southwest.

Mauritius has no official language; however, being a former colony of the United Kingdom, from which it gained independence in 1968, the language used in parliamentary acts is English, although the most widely spoken is Mauritian Creole, largely based on French with English, South African and Indian influences .

Slightly less than 4% of the population is instead pure French speaking. There is no state religion, but the most practiced is Hinduism, from more than half of the population, to about 70% of Indian origin descended from workers sent there under the British Empire in debt servitude. It is the only African country with a Hindu majority.