Rory McIlroy comments on Tiger Woods' advice to his son in which he mentions Rory

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Rory McIlroy comments on Tiger Woods' advice to his son in which he mentions Rory

The name Tiger Woods is one that is not something we need to waste too much time talking about. What is particularly impressive is that his 13-year-old son Charlie is already showing signs that he could be just as good as his father.

Of course, we have indicated this many times; It's too early to put pressure on a 13-year-old boy. There was a press conference last week where Tiger Woods spoke about his son Charlie and the advice he gave him in regard to his career.

“Don’t copy my swing. Copy Rory’s,” said Woods. “Have you ever seen Rory off balance on a shot? No. Not ever”. In addition to Tiger Woods, Rory Mcilroy is certainly one of the biggest names in the world of golf.

It is a great honor for the Northern Irishman to know that Woods has used his name in this manner. “Yeah, I mean I think it’s unbelievably flattering that in my opinion, the best player ever is telling his son to swing like me."

Rory McIlroy on advice

Rory McIlroy considers important advice from his father, which he also listened to as a boy and applied in his career.

Tiger is just trying it; To set Charlie on the right path. “My dad taught me how to play the game growing up and his thing to me was always hold your finish, and I think that’s what Tiger’s dad told him back in the day was try and hold your finish until your ball at least lands or comes to rest.

Tiger's picked up on that and tried to instil that on Charlie. Charlie is a great kid first and foremost but he’s a great young player and I think we are all excited to sort of follow his progress and see how far he can go”.

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