Tiger Woods on his son, Charlie: Don’t compare him to me, he’s not me


Tiger Woods on his son, Charlie: Don’t compare him to me, he’s not me

Tiger Woods and his son Charlie (13) will play at the PNC Championship. There are great expectations from them. In an interview with Another Golf Podcast, Tiger Woods talked about his relationship with Charlie. Tiger is clearly furious about the pressure the media is putting on Charlie.

“When he first played PNC he was 11 years old,” Woods said. “Let him be an 11-year-old kid. He’s in 6th grade, for god’s sake. Now he’s in 8th grade, but let him go out there and be a kid. Enjoy it!

You don’t nitpick kids”. Tiger is frustrated that the media is comparing Charlie to his father, Tiger. Tiger is angry about this and wants Charlie to be left alone, considering that he is still a boy. “Don’t compare him to me, he’s not me.

He’s Charlie,” he said. “He’s going to be his own person. And whatever road he goes down, he’s going to go down his own road. And he’s going to create his own path. And that, to me, is so important as a father, that I provide that environment and that support.

That he can go down whatever path he wants to, I just want him to do the best at it”.

Tiger Woods and his progress

Tiger is still not fully recovered, but you can see his progress. “It’s a progression,” Woods added.

“Now I’m lucky enough that I’ve gotten to the point where I can actually hit golf balls full speed. I’m hitting it hard again, which is great. I can hit any shot you want. Now the progression is I need to be able to walk and then I can compete against these kids again”.

Tiger is proud of his son's progress and what he could notice in him. “His swing speed has gone up — I mean, I’m talking way up this year,” he said

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