Tiger Woods and his PGA Tour goals

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Tiger Woods and his PGA Tour goals

PGA Tour wants to become the dominant force against Liv Golf, and Tiger Woods is not backing down. It is well known that there is a lot of financial power behind the opposing tour. However, they have also decided to change some things on the PGA Tour as well.

It might take a long time for us to get to the end of this story. The new goal of PGA Tour leaders is to assist young players and to increase the prize pool as much as possible. As a result, this approach will guarantee the retention of a large number of players, and at the same time arouse the interest of the younger players.

Tiger Woods is one of the main ones in the fight against LIV Golf, and his goal is to help young players. “But what we can do,” Woods said, “is talk about better opportunities for younger players getting onto the tour, what it means to play the tour, how important it is, how important it is to have a legacy, be able to win major championships”.

- he said, as quoted by golfdigest.com

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At the meeting of the PGA Tour players, many issues were discussed that would affect the progress of this tour. Tiger Woods continued: “There was a lot of talk of that and ways in which we can increase purses, reward players that are more visible than others that drive the tour, reward them, and also give better access to the tour at different ages and in different ways than we ever have in the past.

It was a long meeting. A lot of different options were [discussed]. Then we've had many subsequent meetings, FaceTime meetings, trying to figure it out and make it better and also worked with the tour to try and make it better as well”.

It is likely that this war between the two tours will last for a very long time. In Tiger Woods' case, he picked a side that provided him with a lot of opportunities. Although he had a big offer from LIV Golf, he didn't hesitate to stay loyal and decided that it was the best decision for him.

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