Greg Norman on LIV Golf-Justin Thomas talks

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Greg Norman on LIV Golf-Justin Thomas talks

Greg Norman left the door open for everyone. Although many criticize LIV Golf, Norman believes that everyone has a place in this competition. One of the last names to be linked with is Justin Thomas. “I mean, we talked to JT," Norman told Bunkered, as quoted by

"Me and another member of my team, we sat down with him and gave him the full presentation and, if you notice, he’s not said much negative about what we’re doing, presumably because he knows it and understands it.

Our door is open for everybody. We’re not the PGA Tour. We’re not like that. We exist for the players, so we will always have an open door, whether that’s for Rory or Jordan Spieth or Justin Thomas or whoever."

Greg Norman on LIV Golf

Greg Norman is frustrated by comments from Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods.

Both often choose to criticize the Saudi-backed competition. Norman is still aware of the quality of LIV Golf and tries not to react to the 'attacks' He is confident and believes that LIV Golf will become even stronger in the future.

“Rory and Tiger have no idea what they’re talking about. None whatsoever. I have got the full support from my chairman. One hundred per cent. One thousand per cent. There has never been one thing to suggest otherwise. But I know what they’re trying to do.

They’re trying to bait me to draw me into a public back and forth with them and I’m not going to go down that childish path. LIV has already brought more value to the game by making reserve money, that had been sitting to one side, and finally getting it put into play.

If it wasn’t for LIV, the Pga Tour would not have done what they’ve done. They’ve basically copied our homework”.

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