South Beach International Amateur in Florida

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South Beach International Amateur in Florida

In Florida (United States of America) everything is ready for the South Beach International Amateur, an amateur golf tournament that will take place in Miami from 19 to 22 December on the courses of the Miami Beach Golf Club and the Normandy Shores Golf Course.

South Beach International Amateur, results

Italy will be represented by Giovanni Manzoni, Lucas Nicolas Fallotico, Matteo Cristoni, Leonardo Rigamonti, Filippo Ponzano and Marco Florioli. To these are added six other players who will participate individually: Eugenio Bernardi, Neri Checcucci, Biagio Andrea Gagliardi, Luca Memeo, Alessandro Nardini and Tommaso Rossin.

The players in the field will alternate for 36 holes on the two courses, then the first 72 and tied in 72nd place will play the last two rounds at the Miami Beach Golf Club. In 2021, it was the American Finigan Tilly who prevailed in front of his compatriot Clay Amlung and to the Spaniard José Ballester.

Only on three occasions was the tournament won by non-US athletes: in 2012 by the Mexican Juan P. Hernandez, in 2013 by the Englishman Greg Eason and in 2015 by the Venezuelan Jorge Garcia. Miami is a city of 470,914 inhabitants (6,100,000 in the metropolitan area) in the United States of America, the county seat of Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Considering only the number of inhabitants that are located within its administrative boundaries, it is the second largest city in Florida, but the urban area as a whole is by far the most populated in the state. Miami is the county seat and principal center of Miami-Dade County.

Miami was officially founded on July 28, 1896 with a population of approximately 400. In 1940, 172,172 people already lived there. According to the 2000 census, the city had a population of 362,470, while the greater metropolitan area totaled over 2 million.

In 2006, the population registered by the U.S. Census Bureau has risen to 404,048 residents. Despite its size and importance it is not the capital of the state of Florida, namely Tallahassee. The city is often confused with Miami Beach.

Miami's population explosion in recent years has been driven by immigration, both from abroad and from other US cities. Two United States Navy vessels have been named USS Miami, after the city.