Scotty Cameron and the Tiger Woods putters

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Scotty Cameron and the Tiger Woods putters

High selling price, first choice materials, superb lines, collector's items and used by the best players in the world including Tiger Woods: for 30 years, the reputation of Scotty Cameron putters has been well established.

A meteoric rise that originated in a small workshop of a Californian insurer... Scotty Cameron, history Like the Apple saga, some California garages have housed the cars of little geniuses who were not necessarily mechanically inclined.

In the early 1970s, near San Diego, a child fell in love with the mechanics of putting. A boy lulled to the sound of the mallet and the smells of wood (the persimmon tree in mind) who remembers his hours spent with his father customizing persimmon clubs.

From a middle-class family, Don Thomas Cameron, nicknamed by his mother Scotty, was born on November 8, 1962, the same day that the American team of stars Sam Snead and Arnold Palmer began birding to win three days later the Canada Cup.

It was the time when the champions made their own work tools or played with clubs that came out of the factory. From an early age, he lived in the passion of golf, but like his father figure, Scotty also locks himself in the DIY workshop.

As a child, he one day received a second-hand Zebra putter as a gift that he could grind and transform at will. Thus was born his passion for manufacturing. Raised with a concern for perfection, he began to practice his skills so well that his dad predicted for him, shortly before dying prematurely, a future in golf.

Scotty is only 13 years old when his father dies and he will never forget his advice... As the years go by, drawings and designs of putters, with already his characteristic concern for aesthetics, he becomes an expert and obtained the recognition of the profession at a very young age.

He began by working in 1986 at Ray Cook, then Maxfli, Cleveland, Founders Golf and Mizuno. In 1991, he went on his own, creating Cameron Golf International with the goal of creating “the best putters for the best players in the world”.

He put his first models on sale at the not at all attractive price of $350 and it was the Japanese, aware of his know-how, who became his first fans. Today, in addition to a gallery in California, there is even a museum of his finest works in Shizuoka!

During the same period, the South African player David Frost was attracted by his putters and magically regained victory in 1992 on the Pga Tour. Scotty thus becomes one of the first to successfully offer a personalized putter for the pros.

A revolution that will precede others. In this microcosm where the slightest new winning tool is scrutinized and tried, Scotty makes a name for himself and begins to work for others, including a certain Bernhard Langer. The victory of the German at the 1993 Masters consecrates the man and many champions tear him off while several established companies formulate proposals.

In 1994, Titleist (Acushnet) CEO Wally Uihlen, father of player Peter Uihlein, won the track. Thanks to this partnership, Cameron can invest in new technologies and produce ever more efficient putters, including the famous Newport 2, faithful companion of Tiger Woods for 14 of his major titles.

If we count all the Grand Slam victories, Scotty Cameron's putters have won 44 Majors at the dawn of the 2023 season! A sharp designer, he launched into other creations, (slightly) more modest in terms of price, such as various small accessories and t-shirts.

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