The Mizuno Pros design the future of the golf

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The Mizuno Pros design the future of the golf

Launched last February, the line of blades from the well-known Mizuno house have already left their mark.

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Because? Because, obviously, the Pro line, which includes the new 221 - 223 - 225 series, has always been the most forward-looking and most avant-garde line as far as the Japanese brand is concerned.

” The concept of Mizuno Pro – commented at the time of the launch of the line Chris Voshall, Product Manager – Mizuno Golf – is often misunderstood: we are not trying to design instant classics or works of art.

Mizuno hides technology incredibly well. This could be perceived as the ultimate Mizuno Pro betrayal. But the true essence has always been about making history, not getting stuck in it”. Specifically, the Mizuno Pro 221s are more compact Grain Flow Forged musclebacks, with added mass behind the clubface.

The Mizuno 225 is a refinement of the Mizuno HMB - more compact throughout the set of irons, but with ever increasing club speed. The Mizuno 223, on the other hand, are the biggest surprise: purpose-built for exceptional speed, but sized for touring.

Mizuno 221 The 221s have been rounded off by the engineers of the Japanese brand to reveal a shorter face profile and a narrower top-line but without loss of mass in the upper part. The 221 is more compact than their predecessors in design, while still featuring Mizuno's shorter shaft, constant from 3 to PW, to allow for controlled stroke shaping through the set.

Grain Flow Forged in Hiroshima, Japan feature a soft copper underlay useful in providing a classic smooth feel at impact. Inspired by Mizuno's iconic blades of the past, the 221 has evolved to be more playable through refinements in shape and weight placement.

A soft copper underlay underneath the nickel-chrome, for the softest feel you could ask for. “Obviously we're working in small increments on a Mizuno muscleback. We have to dig deep enough to find negative feedback. The copper substrate and Grain Flow forging were a great foundation for the Mp-20.

Players with a good eye will appreciate the subtle shape changes across the set, especially the 8 on 9 and the pw,” commented David LLewelin, R&D director. Mizuno 223 The Mizuno Pro 223 irons, on the other hand, hide a construction that improves ball speed inside the frame of a compact cavity.

An all-new 4- to 7-iron technology platform combines Mizuno's proven Chromoly Forging and Flow Micro-Slot, an innovation designed to produce extreme ball speeds from a tour-ready small profile. The irons offer a face thickness of just 2.4mm (compared to 2.6mm forged JPX921) and at 8-PW, the Pro 223 irons are constructed from 1025 E Pure Select mild carbon steel in an effort to deliver precision and excellent control.

“The best way to look at the new Mizuno Pro 223 is that we have reduced the JPX921 Forged technology platform to the profile of one of the smallest cavities for a player, comparable to the MP-62, MP-64 or MP”.

– David Llewellin. Everything tour players need to compete on particularly long and more demanding layouts.