Matt Fitzpatrick believes Sergio Garcia is the best option for the Ryder Cup

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Matt Fitzpatrick believes Sergio Garcia is the best option for the Ryder Cup

Throughout his career, Matt Fitzpatrick has always wanted more. Matt had goals to go to the very end, so his statement today is not surprising. "Europe" should select the most talented golfers for the Ryder Cup, according to Fitzpatrick.

"It might be some players from other places in the world," Fitzpatrick said, as quoted by "I think there definitely are a few personal relationships that have been dented by this. I'm not bothered, I just want to win, and I'm sure those boys do too." Sergio Garcia is the best option for him.

"Sergio would be the one that would stand out for me, particularly," Fitzpatrick said. "I don't know the details of [his relationship with McIlroy]. I'm happy to share a room with him, if that's going to be the case, I can corner him off for everyone else."

Matt Fitzpatrick and Stenson

Stenson lost his captaincy.

Matt commented on such a decision. He has no problem with Liv Golfers and their decision. However, he believes that they should not return to PGA Tour tournaments, given that they have already decided where they want to continue their career.

"It was a tough one because he [Stenson] had started gearing up for Rome, making notes and putting plans together," Fitzpatrick said: "And then it's like, 'sorry, lads, I'm off.' As long as you go and don't come back, I don't have an issue.

Go take the money, go play wherever you want, I could not care less, just don't come back and then take spots from other guys that want to play. I understand that there's the likes of Westy, Poulter and Sergio that have played a lot in Europe over the years and have done their bit, and they have. I can't ever knock them for that, they've done way more than I have for the European Tour."

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