Gary Player: "The Worst Rule Ever Invented"

During an interview with, he spoke about one of the most discussed changes introduced in 2019 in the Rules of Golf

by Andrea Gussoni
Gary Player: "The Worst Rule Ever Invented"

Gary Player is famous for his habit of getting straight to the point when asked a question. And also in this case the South African champion did not disappoint. During an interview with, he spoke about one of the most discussed changes introduced in 2019 in the Rules of Golf.

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“I think the worst rule ever invented is to leave the rod, the flag in the hole (when you are on the green, NDR)” “The boys who recover the ball after having pocketed forcefully insert their hands between the rod and the cup, and in doing so they lift, imperceptibly, the cup itself, which remains raised”.

Several professionals have chosen to take advantage of this opportunity, both among the more experienced and among the young (Matt Fitzpatrick is one of them). Player also focused on the thesis (which was behind the requests to change the rule) which supports the increase in the number of putts pocketed with the shaft in the hole.

“They say they sink more putts hitting the shaft” “It's nonsense. The best putters in the world never played with a shaft in the hole, and they were as gifted as the great putters of today." Rivers of words and tests have been spent on the outside auction/inside auction issue, but the two schools of thought have remained firm in their positions.

Dave Pelz, putting guru, is a proponent of the pin in. Several studies conducted by US universities (one above all, California Polytechnic State University) say the exact opposite of Pelz. Player then concluded: “The overall idea is to save time” “You don't save time.

I am in favor of any solution that saves you time, but remove the auction” "This is my opinion." Gary Player is a former South African golfer who, with Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer, makes up the trio of great players who are credited with making golf a hugely popular sport worldwide.

Nicknamed the black knight because of the black game clothing he used to wear, during his career he won a total of 163 tournaments, obtaining 9 victories in the 4 Majors tournaments of the circuit, which he won all at least once.

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