Patrick Cantlay on rumors of him joining LIV Golf


Patrick Cantlay on rumors of him joining LIV Golf

One of the golfers who has been associated a lot with LIV Golf in the recent past is Patrick Cantlay. Cantlay, on the other hand, seems to have other plans in mind. LIV Golf is determined not to lose faith in its vision and wants to be able to attract as many golfers as possible to its tour.

As they know how important it will be to have big names on the list, they are prepared. “I think it’s because I haven’t been too vocal one way or the other,”- Patrick Cantlay said. “So I think that’s probably where it is.

Guys, for the most part, seem like they’re pretty polarised on this issue, and I view it as it’s been a competition for top talent, like any other business. But I have no plans to do that as of now, which has been my stance for, you know, basically since the whole time”.

Patrick Cantlay and LIV Golf

Cantlay believes that LIV Golf has brought a lot of good to the golf scene. However, in addition to the "good" things, many conflicts arose after the creation of this competition. This story will take a long time.

“I think that it’s been interesting how much it’s changed golf. As in, like, everyone’s trying to innovate and make golf better all of a sudden. I think that will be a massive benefit for the viewer because I think now more than ever competition is making people evolve and making people grow and think outside the box.

So I think it’s been really good and will be good for professional golf in the long run. But it’s been such a polarising issue that it’s made people, you know, feel emotional about something that has been the same for such a long time."- Patrick Cantlay concluded.

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