Paradym, all about the new Callaway family

Callaway also wanted to revolutionize the driver by completely redesigning the design

by Andrea Gussoni
Paradym, all about the new Callaway family

Who says new year, says novelties. Callaway launched its all-new Paradym range of clubs this Wednesday, featuring an assortment of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and a series of irons! We make you “the presentations” while waiting for February 24, the date on which these new clubs will be available on the market.

Callaway has often caused a sensation in the past with ranges of clubs that have become benchmarks. Big Bertha, Apex, or more recently Epic, Mavrick and Rogue… In the coming weeks, don't be surprised to see the Paradym family hitting the fairways.

Irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and drivers, a complete range available from February 24th. Callaway also wanted to revolutionize the driver by completely redesigning the design.

Paradym, Callaway

The new Paradym Shift construction relies on a 360 carbon chassis to completely eliminate titanium from the club body.

This pushes the limits in terms of weight and stability. There too, the range is available in three new models. The Paradym Driver is the best combination of distance, forgiveness and adjustability. The Paradym X offers a large launch angle and maximum forgiveness.

The Paradym Triple Diamond is for the best of us with a lower launch angle and neutral flight for optimized ball flight. To create a real breakthrough in performance, Callaway engineers redesigned the way a fairway wood is constructed.

Paradym woods feature a new architecture that removes weight from the body and repositions it for unprecedented gains in speed and MOI (Moment of Inertia). Distance and tolerance are at the rendezvous. The Paradym Fairway Wood accommodates a wide range of player types.

This is the model for golfers who want a high launch angle fairway wood with a neutral ball flight. The Paradym X will suit players looking for the most forgiving shape that generates a natural draw for increased distance while maintaining a high launch angle.

Finally, the Paradym Triple Diamond has the most compact shape with a deeper face at address. This offering is best suited to experienced players looking for a penetrating ball flight with less spin. Paradym hybrids redefine the way this club is played by becoming the most versatile that the brand has developed.

Featuring Paradym Shift construction, the Cutwave sole design improves club-to-turf interaction. The best fairway wood speed technologies have been adapted to achieve maximum distance with its hybrids. The X model will offer more forgiveness while the Paradym will offer more control.

Distance is obviously important with irons, but demanding players also want a high level of feel. It remains to combine the two elements in the same club. The Paradym Shift construction combines a forged 455 face with the new Speed Frame, delivering both power and precision.

Paradym irons are designed for golfers who want a refined shape and premium forging. With their 79 gram tungsten cartridge, and bulkier design the Paradym X are for those looking for more length with a premium forged feel.