Jon Rahm on the new ranking system: I'm trying to understand what's going on


Jon Rahm on the new ranking system: I'm trying to understand what's going on

Jon Rahm is not happy with the ranking system changes that OWGR has introduced. Rahm hopes that he can be at the top again, but he is disappointed because, with the old system, he would be much closer to that goal. “Oh, I definitely do, yeah.

And had they not changed the world ranking points, I would have been pretty damn close right now. At this point I’m thinking will I pass Patrick Cantlay? Because since the playoffs, I have not missed a top seven. I’ve won three times, and I don’t even get close to him.

So I’m trying to understand what’s going on. But in my mind, I feel like since August, I’ve been the best player in the world”. - Rahm said, as quoted by

Jon Rahm wants to be at the top

Rahm believes that many golfers expect the most from themselves and think they deserve to be at the top.

What is needed is a constant effort and work. “I feel like, and I think a lot of us should feel like a lot of times we’re the best. Earlier in the year, clearly Scottie was that player, then Rory was that player, and I feel like right now it’s been me.

Anybody any given year, can get a hot three, four months and get to that spot. It’s the level of golf we’re at nowadays. It is what it is. It’s very difficult to stay up there and it requires a lot of golf. But we’re all working hard.

I know everybody’s putting in a lot of effort to try to stay there as long as possible. But to answer that, yes, I want to be back up there because it’s something you want to do, obviously. But you need to play good and win tournaments, nobody’s going to give it to you”.

Jon Rahm