Kenny Perry quit golf because of his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's

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Kenny Perry quit golf because of his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's

Kenny Perry decided to stop playing golf just because of his wife who suffers from Alzheimer's. Speaking to SiriusXM Pga Tour Radio, Perry opened up and revealed the details of the entire situation: “I'll let the world know...

my wife's sick. I'm her caretaker and I'm going to take great care of her. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease. When I left the Tour, she could not even follow me on the golf course. I would chase her down going down the wrong hole.

I was at the Senior Open two years ago, and it was a 36-hole complex and she ended up going off on the other 18 holes. So I realised right then that it's time for me to do something else. And it's all good, she's happy as she can be, she's in great shape, she walks me to death, she's hyperactive.

But poor thing, she just cannot remember anything”. - he said, as quoted by

Kenny Perry

Perry wants to find a way to help her, but for now, there is no concrete medicine that could completely cure the disease.

Kenny wants to be the person who will influence with his voice to raise awareness about this disease and find a potential cure for it. “That’s probably one area I’ll start being a spokesman for,” he said.

"I’ll start looking into that and how I can help other people who have the same condition. I’m trying to figure it out. “I’ve been to every doctor in Nashville and there’s really not a cure for it, it’s just trying to slow it down.

That’s all I want to do so she’ll know her grandkids and know me and just enjoy the rest of her life. We’ve worked so hard to get to this point and I’d hate to see it where she can’t enjoy it”.