Adam Scott on LIV Golfers: They knew the consequences

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Adam Scott on LIV Golfers: They knew the consequences

Adam Scott, a great golfer, spoke to Sky Sports about LIV Golfers and the fact that they knew what consequences awaited them after they signed the contract. "They've made their decisions and some of those decisions… well, that decision may come with some sacrifice in the short or long-term.

In the short-term it was sacrificing the ability to have world ranking [points]. If they didn't know that, then they're realising that's the case at the moment."- he said as quoted by Scott talked about the consequences for Australians.

"I think it would be unfortunate, yes, for Australia and their team [if Smith misses the Olympics]. Cam also made these decisions, as did (Marc Leishman) and Matt Jones and any other Aussie who has gone on there. There may be some sacrifice.

It seems like they're OK with living with that, mostly. At least the Aussies seem that way."

Jon Rahm and ranking system

A few days ago, Jon Rahm expressed his dissatisfaction with the new ranking system. Smith agrees with him.

"World rankings is a very, very hard thing to get right. I don't think it's correct. The weight at the top of the points I don't think is enough. I beat about four people last week (at the Tournament of Champions), so I shouldn't get a lot of points.

But Jon Rahm beat a field of champion players on the PGA Tour and apparently the best 30 players on the tour for the year, so I think that's worthy of some points. I don't think winning last week is potentially getting awarded enough.

It's subjective, there isn't a great solution, but I don't like it when things are put in place and then it's immediately debunked. It's not great for us." Things like this are a problem for many golfers, but they have to get used to what they are served.

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