Jon Rahm: "Ryder can't be PGA against LIV"


Jon Rahm: "Ryder can't be PGA against LIV"

Jon Rahm (Barrika, 28 years old) has started 2023 like a shot. In the first week of the year he won the Tournament of Champions, one of the most important stops on the PGA, raising his record to three victories in the last five tournaments played.

After a somewhat less regular 2022 than usual in the Biscayan, his game shines again from the tee to the hole and predicts a season in which it seems very likely that he will add one more trophy to his showcase. In a talk with several Spanish media before the American Express, in which he starts as a favourite, Rahmbo once again aims high.

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"I have spoken with him. It is a pity this situation. The Ryder is not the PGA against the LIV, it is Europe against the United States. Point. I would like each team to have its best players and I would love to be able to play with Sergio again.

I have already told Luke Donald (the European captain), that he put us in the four games together, the first ones, whatever he wants. Here we go, headlong. Sergio thinks the same, but what is going to happen is out of my hands.

The European Tour and Luke Donald already know what I think. I hope we can do it, but things don't look good. On January 10, the Ryder Twitter account congratulated a player on his birthday and did not congratulate Sergio on the 9th.

He looks like they are turning the page to a new future which for me is a shame". "It was clear to me that the big guys were not going to get involved in this mess, especially with the complaint that the LIV PGA Tour already has (the US Department of Justice is currently investigating the US circuit for alleged monopoly at the request of its Saudi competitor, and Augusta is named in the lawsuit).

If the big guys said no, there would be clear evidence that they are working with the PGA to block the LIV. I have never had a doubt that they were going to let them play. In addition there are seven or eight Masters champions in the LIV.

The greats are on another page and must act as such. I agree to let them play". "He gives me exactly the same. I'm not going to push myself too hard. Whichever. I have some internal conflict with the subject. Obviously I would love to be the fourth Spaniard to win a Masters, the first since Chema (Olazábal) to win the same twice...

But there is something certain about being the first Spaniard to win the PGA. Being the first to win the two that we hadn't won (it already was at the US Open) would be incredible. Rafa Nadal has spoiled us by winning 22 grand.

This does not happen in golf. From January to August I did not play as well as I would have liked, but I have returned to the results of past years. I'm not going to tell you if I'm going to win one, two, three or four, but I want to give myself options".

"The 17 tournaments that have made them so special I am going to try to play them all. I'm not going to play Wells Fargo because I want to have a couple of weeks off before the second leg of the season, after Mexico. Until then it's a non-stop.

But hey, not that bad. I feel good, I feel like it, and they are very good tournaments. You have to know how to recover. It doesn't change much from what I've done in other years either. The only thing is that I will play in Hilton Head. But up to there it's the same".

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