Tiger Woods' son, relief in golf and business

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Tiger Woods' son, relief in golf and business

The relief is guaranteed. Charlie Woods is 13 years old. He is a great promise. Tiger's son aims to continue his legacy on the PGA and inherit his endorsements. Meanwhile, his father still billed 68 million dollars out of competition in one year.

Tiger Woods, Charlie

His participation in the last three editions of the PNC Championship with his father have placed him in the 'spotlight' for specialists, professionals and amateurs in the world of golf. Tiger himself confessed in 'The Match' in December, on top-rated national television, that his son had already surpassed him playing a few weeks ago.

In recent months there has been an obvious interest on Tiger's part to expose 'his cub', but at the same time he protects him from the inevitable comparisons that can only bury the boy's potential. He always encouraged him to practice other sports but, once he has decided on golf, he even publicly suggests that he not imitate his swing: "Don't copy me, copy Rory (McIlroy), he is number one in the world , you will never see him unbalanced in a shot and you can hit him as hard as you want”.

They say that Tiger Woods's medium-term plans include retiring from the professional field, continuing to enjoy the fields in Florida and focusing on training his son. At the same time, he wants to pamper his new projects, such as the restaurant chain 'The Woods', or TMRW Sports, the project in which he has joined Rory Mcilroy with the aim of building new technologies related to sports, the media communication and entertainment.

Knowing how to invest is one of the keys to great athletes who generate fortunes and Tiger is the golfer who has won the most money in prizes as a professional, currently close to 120 million dollars. But this figure represents only 7.6% of his total earnings.

It is estimated that with sponsorships he has exceeded a billion and a half dollars. He picked up a pace very quickly, and it is that he billed his first 100 million dollars a few months after turning professional at the age of twenty, thanks to the contracts signed then with Nike, American Express and Titleist.

But the biggest challenge for him will be preventing a slab of pressure from falling on Charlie. In sports it is a chimera to think that he can get close to what Tiger achieved, but it is much more difficult for him to reach his level of income and social recognition.

Tiger Woods continues to be one of the three members of the select group of billionaire athletes, a 'club' that he shares with Michael Jordan and LeBron James. The only ones who, with recognized income, have managed to reach ten figures in their fortune.

He has achieved this milestone without having to accept the dizzying number that LIV Golf put on his table from Saudi Arabia. Greg Norman himself confessed to The Washington Post that the proposal was in nine figures, approaching ten.

If the origin of all his fortune is broken down, barely 10% comes from his activity and his triumphs in golf. The vast majority of the millions that Tiger Woods invoices annually are from commercial agreements with brands such as Gatorade, TaylorMade, Rolex or Nike.

They are sponsorships that remain valid regardless of his participation in tournaments or not, and that are not affected by long absences to recover, such as the one he is currently immersed in. These brands want to be associated with Tiger because he is not just a successful athlete, he is much more.

The bulk of his followers are not golf fans, they admire him as a public and social figure, as an icon of the sport, one who managed to succeed in a then elitist sport.

Tiger Woods