Bubba Watson will make his debut at LIV Golf after recovering from injury

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Bubba Watson will make his debut at LIV Golf after recovering from injury

There are many people who have missed Bubba Watson on the golf course. Although Watson could not make plans due to the injury, he was optimistic about a quick recovery. Watson has recovered from his injury and will be able to make his debut in LIV Golf after eight months.

Despite still not being 100% ready, Buba Watson has made huge progress. As far as he's concerned, everything is up to him now “I’m still trying to build that leg muscle up,” Watson said, as quoted by golfmonthly.com “I wouldn’t say I’m 100% on the leg muscle being equal (to his left).

But I’m really close. I’ll say we’re 10, 15% off one leg to the other. I’m walking fine, no pain. It’s now trusting that I can really finish on that leg. There’s going to be a few swings here and there where you just kind of revert back to old thoughts.

So it’s like anything. It’s almost like teaching yourself to swing again or hit again. Now it’s all on me”. The return started in a great way; "I just beat my caddie and my wife. So I got that going for me."

Patrick Reed's contribution

Patrick Reed's contribution to 4 Aces GC winning the Miami Team Championship was discussed by Bubba Watson.

Reed is the man who motivates him to do the same. “Knowing Patrick over these years and being able to see his excitement for that, it made me want to do it. Made me want to go home and grind so I can have that chance to pull of something like that for my team," Watson said.

"This is why we joined LIV, for the team aspect. I’m anxious to get back with the team and try to pull off amazing shots. I’d rather miss a 3-footer than have to come up with words to talk about golf."

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