Ladies European Tour, the start from Kenya


Ladies European Tour, the start from Kenya

The 2023 season of the Ladies European Tour starts from Kenya with the dispute of the Magical Kenya Ladies Open, the first of the 31 tournaments on the calendar to be played from 2 to 5 February on the Vipingo Ridge course in Vipingo.

Three blues are on the field: Virginia Elena Carta, back from a good 2022 season in which she almost always won, Clara Manzalini, who has gained valuable experience, and Alessandra Fanali, who won the 'card' at the Qualifying School of the last December.

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The German Esther Henseleit defends the title in a field that is certainly of good standing, even if some big names are missing, which includes, among others, the Belgian Manon De Roey, the Indian Aditi Ashok, the Spanish Ana Pelaez Trivino, the Swedish Johanna Gustavsson , Slovenian Pia Babnik, Czech Sara Kouskova, winner of the LET Access 2022 Order of Merit, and Jana Melichova, New Zealander Momoka Kobori and Austrian Emma Spitz.

The prize pool is 300,000 euros. From the low and sandy coast of the Indian Ocean, the territory of Kenya proceeds inland. Its geography is somewhat complex. It is located in East Africa and is crossed by the equator. Despite being an equatorial and tropical country, it has very varied climates.

In the north there are desert areas and in the central and south plateaus with woods and savannas. The nation is criss-crossed by long mountain ranges. The morphological element that most characterizes Kenya is the Rift Valley, which cuts it from north to south.

The inland waters are represented by fresh and salt water lakes and numerous borax geysers and geysers. On the other hand, there are few rivers, of which only two have a noteworthy flow and length (the Tana and the Galana).

The coastal strip, over 400 km long, is followed by a region of arid plateaus and steppes; the central one, which rises to altitudes between 1,500 and 3,000 metres, is divided by the fracture of the Rift Valley which forms the basin of Lake Turkana (or Rodolfo).

On the sides of the Rift Valley rise imposing volcanic massifs, the largest of which is Mount Kenya (5199 m), one of the highest in Africa, and Kilimanjaro (5358 m) on the border with Tanzania. The plateau slopes down to the west, near Lake Victoria, and to the north, where the territory is occupied by a large desert plateau.

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