Mena, Brandon Robinson Thompson's victory

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Mena, Brandon Robinson Thompson's victory

Good performance by Jacopo Vecchi Fossa who finished second with 203 (63 72 68, -7) shots in the Egyptian Swing 2 @Madinaty Golf Club, the second seasonal tournament of the MENA Tour played at the Madinaty Golf Club (par 70) of El Qahera El Gididaa, Egypt.

Mena Tour, results

Brandon Robinson Thompson won with 199 (65 67 67, -11). Taking the lead after the second round, the Englishman finished his run victoriously with a 67 (-3, four birdies and a bogey) which earned him the first coin of $13,500 out of a $75,000 prize pool.

Jacopo Vecchi Fossa, leader after one round, compromised his chances with a 72 (+2) in the second, but then managed to recover with a 68 (-2) making up for a false start (double bogey) with five birdies on last eleven holes against a bogey.

A check for $9,000 for him. The English Ben Jones confirmed his good momentum, scoring in the previous Egyptian Swing 1, finishing third with 204 (-6). In fourth position with 206 (-4) the Irish Gavin Moynihan, the Swede Christofer Rahm, the Scot Daniel Kay and the English Luke Joy.

Prize winners were Aron Zemmer, 38th with 214 (+4), winner of the MENA Tour Tournament 4 in December, and Alessandro Tadini, 48th with 219 (+9). Andrea Saracino, Federico Zucchetti, Edoardo Raffaele Lipparelli and Michele Ortolani with 147 (+7), Michele Cea and Enrico Di Nitto with 153 (+13) and Joachim Hassan with 163 ( +23).

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From 1958 to 31 December 1971 it was called the United Arab Republic, which, only between 1958 and 1961, also included the territories of the current Syrian Arab Republic. Egypt is one of the most populous countries in Africa and the Middle East, and the 14th most populous in the world.

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