Ex girlfriend sues Tiger Woods for 30 million


Ex girlfriend sues Tiger Woods for 30 million

Tiger Woods is in the news today, although not because he is at TPC Sawgrass to play The Players Championship. His ex-girlfriend, Erica Herman, has sued him for 30 million dollars, alleging that she was evicted from the mansion on Jupiter Island (Florida) where she lived with the winner of 15 majors during their five years of dating.

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The fact is that, according to Herman's version, after the breakup, El Tigre would have agreed to let her use the residence for a period equivalent to the time they lived there as a couple, that is, five years.

The agreement, which was verbal, included that a Tiger trust - Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust - would take care of all the expenses of the house. Therefore, the 30 million requested by the ex-partner of the five-time Masters winner corresponds, according to Herman's lawyers, to the "reasonable rental value" during the years that she would have been promised that she could continue living there.

The story is even more intricate, because Erica says that she was manipulated to leave the house and could no longer re-enter, as explained by her lawyers: "Through deception, the agents of the defendant [Tiger] convinced the plaintiff [Herman] of to pack a suitcase and go away for a short vacation.

When she arrived at the airport, they told her not to come back to the residence." This week, Herman has presented court documents that testify that the golfer and she lived in that mansion together. Erica affirms that she returned to her house from the airport, where they did not let her enter and gave her her belongings, except for $40,000.

"They misappropriated more than $40,000 in cash that belonged to Herman, using defamatory and libelous arguments about how she got the money," said lawyers for Woods' ex-girlfriend. In Erica's version, it is also said that a lawyer for Tiger offered him various proposals without allowing him to get legal advice.

According to the TMZ web portal, Erica signed a confidentiality agreement when she began dating Woods in 2017. This same medium says that Herman would like to break said agreement to reinforce her accusations, but it is not possible.

The press asked Herman's lawyers directly if "this case involved any kind of abuse." The legal representatives of the plaintiff did not enter to respond but, according to TMZ, in the court file that Erica's lawyers had just presented, the question is asked: "Does this case involve accusations of abuse?", the lawyers checked the box with a "Yes".

It should be remembered that Herman was the manager of a restaurant that Tigre opened in Jupiter -The Woods- and that is how they met. In fact, in 2019, both were sued for the death of a waiter at the establishment. His family alleged that the young man, after completing his shift, stayed on the premises, where he was given an excess of alcoholic beverages until he reached alcohol poisoning. He left The Woods in his vehicle and was in a fatal accident. The claim was unsuccessful.

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