Keegan Bradley on Golf Ball Rollback Plans: It creates a huge void between players

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Keegan Bradley on Golf Ball Rollback Plans: It creates a huge void between players

In a recent interview with the BBC, the CEO of The R&A, Martin Slumbers, told them his plans for golf, explaining that he and others would like to introduce a driving distance limit, considering that they believe courses will become too small for good hitters.

As a result, many golfers are shocked by this and are unable to believe that these plans will actually become a reality. The first of them is Keegan Bradley. In his opinion, such moves are extreme and do not make any sense at all.

“I don’t think there’s a chance they’d ever do this. I don’t think it will ever happen, it’s too extreme. It creates a huge void between players. One of the coolest things about golf is you could come out and play with a Pga Tour player with a 30 handicap but we’re playing the same sport.

I can’t go and play football with Tom Brady with pads on, on a Sunday – I’ll get killed. "- he said, as quoted by

Keegan Bradley and changes

Bradley believes that right now is not the right time for things like this, considering everything that is happening in the golf scene.

“I think it’s an inappropriate time to bring this up with all the volatility that’s going on and I just think it’s an overreaction. If this is a major issue you're going to have to wait because everyone’s got a lot on the table right now”.

Reporters were interested in whether Bradley sees a scenario in which Slumbers' plans actually succeed, but the PGA Tour still doesn't implement that. Also, what will be the consequences of playing at the Us Open and Open Championship after all; “I think it could be.

I would hope that they are above that. I don’t see a world where the PGA Tour will go for this, but I can see them going well, this is the deal, you’ve got to come, and when you play the US Open and the British Open this is the ball you’ve got to play. There’d be a lot of upset people”.

Keegan Bradley