Charley Hoffman on golf ball rollback plan: When are we going to say that’s enough?

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Charley Hoffman on golf ball rollback plan: When are we going to say that’s enough?

As a result of the USGA's proposal for a driving distance limit with the new golf balls, there was a great deal of reaction, mostly negative. It is interesting to note that some famous and experienced golfers have publicly stated that these proposals are nothing more than nonsense, and they do not see any logic in the story at all.

Charley Hoffman spoke to Sirius XM's Pga Tour Radio about such proposals. According to Hoffman, the PGA Tour may reject such proposals, which would have a severe impact on the USGA. “If the USGA keeps doing what they are doing I think that’s inevitable… I don’t by their logic behind any of this, sooner or later someone’s going to have to step up to them and it could be their demise.

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Charley Hoffman is disappointed: When is it too much?

According to Hoffman, everything has gone beyond the boundaries of reasonableness, and innovation and change should be put to an end.

It is no secret that golf is in an odd position at the moment, and these kinds of changes can only worsen the situation. “When is it too much? The groove, long putter, face of the driver, this and that, length of the driver.

When are we going to say that’s enough and go, ‘Hey, we’re the best players in the world were going to play whatever the heck we want, the manufacturers are going to keep producing great products and we’re going to be endorsing their products.

Bifurcation will be a travesty to this game. It’s the only sport in the world were the amateurs play by the same rules as those so I don’t know what their endgame on this is”. We will have to wait and see if it is realistic to expect the implementation of such proposals.

Charley Hoffman