Zach Johnson: "Tiger Woods in Ryder Cup"

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Zach Johnson: "Tiger Woods in Ryder Cup"

The first piece of news: "The Ryder Cup is extremely important for Tiger Woods. I don't know yet what his involvement will be for the match in Rome, but he will certainly be part of our team. From a distance or on the spot, his insights, his experience , wisdom, are invaluable." The second novelty.

"All of America's pre-Ryder team will be at the Marco Simone Golf Club for common training." Zach Johnson, captain of the USA team at the Ryder Cup in Rome, in an interview with ANSA reveals objectives and anecdotes towards the challenge against team Europe scheduled from 29 September to 1 October.

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The United States, despite having reduced the Old Continent in 2021 to Wisconsin, have not won overseas since 1993, the year of the debut in the Ryder Cup of the blue Costantino Rocca. "It won't be easy - Johnson admits - but the fact that we have been left empty-handed on European soil for all this time certainly represents a motivation and an important opportunity.

My team will boast a mix of talent and experience, the latter factor never negative but certainly not the most important. I want to build an excellent group, beyond the pitch". Vice-captain or mentor, it is not yet clear what role he will play.

But the US does not seem to want to ignore Woods. "He loves Ryder and being able to rely on Tiger with anything golf is always great." After the play-offs of the Pga Tour and, therefore, in the first days of September, the United States will fly to Rome "for a number of reasons: everyone wants to get to know the golf course up close and the goal is also to have fun and to amalgamate the group more and more.

Thanks to the PGA of America for organizing this experience which will be very valuable on a course of the highest level, extremely hilly, also fantastic for the many fans who will attend the race". The thirtieth captain of the United States since 1927 (year of the first edition), the story of Zachary Harris "Zach" Johnson in the Ryder Cup began in 2006.

Five of his appearances (four defeats and one victory in 2016) as a player, two the experiences as vice-captain, in 2018 in Paris and in 2021 in Wisconsin. Major champion, the 47-year-old from Iowa City, who grew up in Cedar Rapids, has 12 successes on the PGA Tour to his credit, including The Masters 2007 and The Open 2015.

And he is the sixth player - after Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo, Seve Ballesteros and Tiger Woods - to have won a Major at both Augusta (USA) and St.Andrews (Scotland). Now, he is preparing to lead the US to Rome where about 300,000 spectators are expected during the week of the event.

"The fans are an integral part of the Ryder Cup and, thanks to their support, they make this event memorable. The push of Italian and European supporters will be important as well as that of American fans". Then on the opportunity for Italy to host Ryder.

"The commitment to Federgolf, Italy and Marco Simone is enormous, but this event represents an extraordinary driving force. The five days I spent in Rome last autumn, during the 'Year to Go' celebrations, were incredible for the promotion of golf and to showcase a beautiful country like Italy.

And at the end of September I'm sure that Ryder will represent a real commercial for Italy". The countdown marks -197 days to the third most important sporting event after the World Cup and the Olympics. Luke Donald's Europe, united under a single flag, will face the United States.

An event not only sporting, which today also has a profound meaning for the geopolitical situation. "Sport unites and golf is no exception. Respect for the opponent, integrity, character, are just some of the intrinsic characteristics of Ryder.

Both teams will compete to honor their country and their teams. All of these - concludes Johnson - are elements that can certainly bring hope".

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