Tiger Woods and cart, there is something new

Tiger Woods' use of the golf cart in competition is a topic that comes up cyclically

by Andrea Gussoni
Tiger Woods and cart, there is something new

Tiger Woods' use of the golf cart in competition is a topic that comes up cyclically. The aftermath of the serious car accident in 2021 heavily affects his game and, as he himself admitted after the Genesis Invitational, this is a situation he will have to live with until the end of his career.

I myself have speculated several times that the use of a golf cart could alleviate Woods' problems, but he has repeatedly stated that he will not compromise on this point. He will never use a cart in an official PGA Tour race.

In fact, every time he's used it in the recent past, it wasn't official events (The Match, PNC Championship). But there is something new.

Tiger Woods, cart

Jack Nicklaus, during an interview with Nick Faldo in his podcast of the series 'Sir Nick Roundtable Chats' revealed that Woods would have corrected the shot.

"I told him 'Tiger, you qualify to use a cart'" "He replied 'I'm not going to do it' 'When I play on the Senior Tour, I will'" Woods' different attitude is probably linked to the fact that on the PGA Tour Champions the use of the golf cart is free, while to be able to use it in the PGA Tour races it is necessary to present a request linked to a disability (temporary or not).

Woods will turn 50 in December 2025, and will thus be able to take part in the Senior tournaments. On the PGA Tour Champions he will find a colleague of his who has repeatedly advised him to ask for an exemption for the use of the cart, right away.

He always uses the cart. Eldrick Tront Woods was born to an African American father, Earl and a Thai mother, Kultida. Nicknamed "Tiger" by his father [8], he started playing golf practically from the time he could walk and was soon considered something of a child prodigy of the specialty.

In 1990, at the age of fifteen, he was the youngest golfer to win the National Junior Championships, a success he also repeated in the following two years. After winning three consecutive US amateur circuit titles (1994, 1995 and 1996), he turned pro, winning two circuit tournaments in his first year.

Winner of 15 major tournaments (second only to Jack Nicklaus, with 18) between 1997 and 2019, he indelibly marked the history of this sport, bringing it under the spotlight after years in which such a dominant and charismatic figure was missing.

Among the many moments that have gone down in golf history, they remember the incredible holed approach to the 16th of the last round of the 2005 Masters, and the victory after a play-off hole against Rocco Mediate at the U.S.

2008 Open at the end of the four rounds played with a tibia fracture and a knee ligament that will be reconstructed a few days later. Historic rivalries with Phil Mickelson and Vijay Singh, among the only athletes able to undermine his dominance, even if only on and off.

Tiger Woods