Phil Mickelson on expectations for the Masters

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Phil Mickelson on expectations for the Masters
Phil Mickelson on expectations for the Masters

There will be a lot of interest at the Masters next month, especially since LIV Golfers and the PGA Tour will be playing together. There are numerous reasons why golf fans are excited about the Masters, and they are aware that situations of all kinds could arise.

In terms of the LIV Golf brand, Phil Mickelson is one of the most interesting faces, to say the least, as hardly anyone expected him to join the tour last year. He shared his expectations for this major tournament, and it seems that he is optimistic about what he will be able to accomplish here.

“No expectations,” Mickelson said, as quoted by “We are grateful to just be able to play and compete and be a part of it. A lot of the people there that are playing and competing in the Masters are friends for decades, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again."


As far as he is concerned, the most important thing for him is that he will be able to perform at the Masters.

There is a feeling that the team aspect will not play as much of a role in the game as everyone seems to be fighting for their own gains. “To bring the most value to your team, you have to play your best, and so you still have to put in the work and shoot low scores," Mickelson said.

“That's how you bring the value to your team as a player. And so that's not going to change. That will be the same whether it's in team golf or individual golf, but the support system to help be your best is certainly a nice benefit.

We're all grateful that we're able to participate in the Masters and all the majors because there was a lot of talk that that might not happen. But here we are, able to do that, and we are all grateful for that as well”.

Phil Mickelson

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