Phil Mickelson on LIV Golf willing to make one change for OWGR points

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Phil Mickelson on LIV Golf willing to make one change for OWGR points

Phil Mickelson is one of the main ambassadors of LIV Golf. In a short period of time, LIV Golf gained great popularity and became a threat to the Pga Tour. The main problem of LIV Golf is the fact that they are not awarded with ranking points.

Phil Mickelson spoke about the readiness of the head of LIV Golf to change certain things, in this case: the readiness to shift to a traditional 72-hole format. “When we see something that can be better, we have the fluidity to make the change and make it better,” said Mickelson, as quoted by “I mean, there's a lot of specifics that we could look at and say, gosh, do we need to go to 72 holes to get World Ranking points or what do we need to do to be the best product but really it comes down to we provide the best product to fans, to sponsors."

LIV Golf and its plans

In these moments, one of the things that make LIV Golf special is the fact that they are always open to any change that will be beneficial to the Tour, but also to the fans of this competition as well.

There are a number of plans that Phil Mickelson and the team have for the future that they are planning to implement as soon as possible. "Those are things we can talk about and again we have the fluidity to make changes if it's in the best interests of the players or the league or for the fans or for the sponsors.

But I don't feel that that's a pressing need right now, otherwise it would have been changed. But again, great thing about this league is its fluidity and its ability to adapt and make changes and do things quickly to make things better”.

Mickelson also spoke about the Masters, which will be held next month. It is significant that the PGA Tour and LIV Golfers will be part of the same competition. “No expectations. We are grateful to just be able to play and compete and be a part of it.

A lot of the people there that are playing and competing in the Masters are friends for decades, and I'm looking forward to seeing them again."

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