Fred Couples angry at LIV Golfer's hypocrisy


Fred Couples angry at LIV Golfer's hypocrisy

Since the introduction of the LIV Golf, Fred Couples, a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame, has been critical of the Tour supported by Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of people who are opposed to LIV Golf, and he is not the only one.

There is a large number of golf fans, as well as PGA Tour golfers who believe that LIV Golf’s current actions are not in the best interest of the game. It must be said that despite all the reasons, a lot of golfers decided to leave the PGA Tour and join LIV Golf.

Several couples cited 'a new challenge' as their main reason for making such a move. However, the majority of the fans and Couples are aware that money is probably the most important factor in deciding to take such a step. “If you’re giving Phil Mickelson $200 million at age 52 to shoot 74 and 75, God bless you,” Couples said Tuesday, as quoted by

Fred Couples on LIV Golf

There is something especially angering about Couples, considering that most of them give false reasons for going to LIV Golf, despite the fact that we have already talked about their motives for going there.

It is important to note that Couples does not have anything against LIV Golf, but he is frustrated by the lies and insincerity of some individuals. “I don’t have a problem with LIV. What my problem has been when I tweet every now and then, is what these guys say when they go to the LIV Tour”.

As a result of LIV Golf's rapid growth, it may be a cause for concern for sincere golf fans. However, the PGA Tour is trying to ensure its stability on the golf scene in various ways, and with new changes, they are trying to draw attention to itself. There are some interesting things happening right now on the golf scene.

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