Fred Couples calls out Cameron Smith for a bizarre statement

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Fred Couples calls out Cameron Smith for a bizarre statement
Fred Couples calls out Cameron Smith for a bizarre statement

Fred Couples raised his voice against LIV Golf several times. He decided to do the same once again. Couples is especially angry about Cameron Smith's statements. Smith will not play in the Players Championship due to joining LIV Golf.

Smith reacted to his inability to defend his title: “Now I can have birthdays and go to the weddings of my mates”. - he said, as quoted by Couples thinks it's a comical statement, and he didn't forget to mention Sergio Garcia.

“I find that comical, because my favorite to ever play has five kids, 40 grandkids, and he has never misssed anything – and that was Jack Nicklaus,” Couples said. "I was annoyed by all these other clowns, like Sergio (Garcia), who ripped a PGA Tour rules official before jumping to LIV Golf." Fred Couples has respect for Phil Mickelson despite everything, but Mickelson disappointed him after he joined LIV Golf "Mickelson is a nutbag, though he is probably one of the 10 best players that ever played.

I still like Phil. Just go to the LIV Tour, but stop blasting something I’ve been a part of for 42 years. That’s my problem (with LIV players). They’re all bashing the PGA Tour, and that affects me a little bit”.

Fred Couples watched LIV Golf on TV

Couples had the opportunity to watch the LIV Golf tournament in Mexico via TV. “It was on the CW a couple weeks ago, or whatever that channel everybody is laughing about. I turned it on three times.

It was so bad, I couldn’t even watch anyone that I liked. They don’t show ’em. … Who won the last one? I don’t even know”. Fred is not thinking about LIV Golf or whether it will survive for a long period of time.

“I don’t know anything about the LIV Tour, except they overpay all of them, I’m being flippy now; I don’t really care if it survives,” he said.

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