Phil Mickelson on PGA Tour changes: I'm thankful it didn't happen a year ago

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Phil Mickelson on PGA Tour changes: I'm thankful it didn't happen a year ago

Phil Mickelson commented on the changes that will be implemented by the PGA Tour in the near future. Mickelson thinks that is a great thing, and that golf needs to evolve in order to be successful. In addition, he stated that it has to be assumed that the changes were brought about as a result of Liv Golf.

“I think that it's really a good thing. I'm happy to see it. I'm happy to see it for the Tour,” Mickelson said, as quoted by “I think there will always be a need and a want for traditional golf.

And there's always an opportunity to innovate and to allow LIV to be additive and create something new and different. I also think the changes bring the best players about more often. I think that's what fans want and what the sponsors want.

They want to know what they are buying, and those are all things that LIV have provided for their sponsors and television and so forth. I think it's a good model to follow, and I'm glad that they are”.

Phil Mickelson on PGA Tour changes

Many believe that if these changes had happened a year ago, Mickelson would not have gone to LIV Golf.

Phil didn't want to be direct, but it seems that he is very happy on the new Tour. Phil did not forget to mention the new aspects of LIV Golf that he is particularly pleased about. “Then I'm thankful it didn't happen a year ago.

I'm really happy with the way LIV has brought about new change to the game. Because this team aspect is something that we really never saw as a possibility in golf until LIV came along. It brought about a new energy for me and a new dynamic, and my teammates and myself are helping each other be our best.

That's been a lot of fun, playing practice rounds with them and going to dinner, hanging out. It's brought a lot more joy to the professional golf experience, and I'm really appreciative that it's come about, so I'm glad that those changes didn't happen a year ago”.

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