Scottie Scheffler tied Tiger Woods' and Jack Nicklaus' record: It's special

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Scottie Scheffler tied Tiger Woods' and Jack Nicklaus' record: It's special

Scottie Scheffler won The Players Championship. Even though some were not optimistic about Schefler's chances, Schefler was able to silence his critics and show class in the best way that he could. There have only been two players who have ever held both titles at the same time (The Masters and The Players Championship), Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods.

He joins them as the only player to do so. Scheffler talked about impressions after everything, and he put special emphasis on his family. "Those are moments you can never get back, and it was a fun little moment to sit there and enjoy the hard work that we put in all week and reap the rewards.

To have my family out there on 18, waiting for me, was pretty special. My family hasn't been able to come out in a while, so to have everyone there was amazing, especially my grandma. I can tell you coming off the green on 18, seeing all of them in the chute up the hill and then embracing as a family, that's a moment I'll never forget.

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Scottie Scheffler and his feat

He could not hide his astonishment at the great feat he had accomplished. "I don't spend a lot of time playing comparisons or looking at who achieved what before me, but the fact that I'm only the third player after Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods to hold The Players and Masters Tournament titles at the same time is a lot of fun.

Any time you can get mentioned in the same breath as Tiger and Jack, it's very special, and that's something I'm grateful for." Scheffler gained a lot of confidence, although he never lacked it. He is motivated for the next challenges that follow.

"Right now, I think I'm just comfortable with where my game is. I feel like I'm improving, and that's thanks to the people around me like my coach, Randy Smith. We don't take ourselves too seriously, and he's a little bit of a goofball, so we have some fun together.

I'm definitely learning more, especially when you can get into contention and be in the moment. I would say that's probably the most valuable thing is knowing what you feel like and being able to prepare for it."

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