Scottie Scheffler's interesting reaction to Augusta Change


Scottie Scheffler's interesting reaction to Augusta Change

Scottie Scheffler decided to visit Augusta National before next month's tournament. His goal will be to defend the title. The main goal of the visit was apparently to see the changes made to the venue's 13th hole. Amendments to the par-5 were also interesting for them, considering that the hole's yardage is at 545 yards, which is significantly more than before.

Scheffler had a lot to say after such changes. “I usually hit a big, hooking 3-wood off that 13th tee and now I hit driver on a little bit of a different angle,” -Scheffler told Golf Digest, as quoted by Mirror.

“It’s definitely changed the hole significantly, whereas if you hit a really good drive before, you could kind of get around the corner, or I could kind of get around the corner and have maybe a mid-iron in. Now you’re kind of hitting into that slope in the fairway and you may be ripping 3-iron at that green.

So, you could see more guys laying up to that hole, especially depending upon pin position. We’ll see how it plays during the tournament”.

Scottie Scheffler and The Players Championship

In an interview with Sky Sports, Scheffler also talked about winning The Players Championship, which will be a huge motivation for him before the season continues.

"Those are moments you can never get back, and it was a fun little moment to sit there and enjoy the hard work that we put in all week and reap the rewards. To have my family out there on 18, waiting for me, was pretty special.

My family hasn't been able to come out in a while, so to have everyone there was amazing, especially my grandma. I can tell you coming off the green on 18, seeing all of them in the chute up the hill and then embracing as a family, that's a moment I'll never forget."- he said.

Scottie Scheffler