Record bet, $300,000 on Scheffler's victory

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Record bet, $300,000 on Scheffler's victory

This crazy bettor was convinced that Scottie Scheffler was going to win his 6th PGA Tour title during the Players this week and did not hesitate to bet the astronomical sum of $300,000 on his colt at the start of the tournament.

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No, Tyrrell Hatton and his 2.7 million dollars rewarding his second place at Ponte Vedra Beach (Florida) is not the one who collected the biggest amount after Scottie Scheffler this Sunday. Indeed, a bettor who wished to remain anonymous bet $300,000 on the victory of his protege and will receive $3.3 million!

This is barely less than the 4.5 million promised to the winner of the tournament who, by the way, brought his total earnings on the PGA Tour to 10.6 million dollars with this 6th success in 14 months! It was betting operator FanDuel Sportsbook who revealed that one of their clients broke the bank by placing their bet before the tournament started.

This sum greatly exceeds the previous record for the most lucrative bet in golf. It was the $1.2 million won by a certain James Adducci who had bet $85,000 on Tiger Woods winning the 2019 Masters. The Rules of Golf are a set of standard rules and procedures by which the sport of golf should be played.

They are jointly written and maintained by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, the governing body for golf worldwide, outside of the United States and Mexico, which are governed by the United States Golf Association.

An expert commission made up of members of the R&A and USGA, oversees and refines the rules every four years. The latest revision has been in force since January 1, 2016. Changes to the rules of golf generally fall into two main categories: those that improve understanding and those that in certain cases reduce penalties to ensure balance.

The rule book, entitled "Rules of Golf", is published on a regular basis and also includes rules governing amateur status. In Italy it is up to Federgolf to supervise the competitions by enforcing the rules issued by the R & A, checking that these rules are observed by the Clubs, Associations and their members and manages the resulting sporting justice, protecting their interests abroad.

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