Michael Kim angry with PGA executives: Is it my job to constantly ask and find out?

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Michael Kim angry with PGA executives: Is it my job to constantly ask and find out?

The Pga Tour and the changes they plan to introduce in the near future have caused a variety of reactions throughout the golf community. As a general rule, these are mostly negative reactions, with a majority of people expressing dissatisfaction with the PGA Tour's actions.

Michael Kim was one of the last to react to the situation. The PGA Tour is implementing a number of changes that are intended to make the game more challenging and more enjoyable for players, however, Kim also noted that most players are not informed about the changes.

Communication appears to be in a very bad state on the PGA Tour at the moment. “As much as everyone tells me that the @PGATOUR is player run, it’s hard to feel that way when minor details that are not in any of the announcements are omitted because they know it’ll be unpopular for most of the players,” Kim wrote on Twitter.

“I totally get that certain players should have more say in it than me but sometimes it’s hard not to feel like I’m out of the process”.

Michael Kim explains his view

Kim wants a lot more attention from the PGA Tour.

The fact that you are part of something also implies that you are interested in knowing every detail of it. Nevertheless, it seems that the leaders of the PGA Tour do not consult with anyone, they make these decisions on their own, without any prior agreement of any kind.

“Is it my job to constantly ask and find out? Maybe but I feel as though I find things out after everything is all decided." He gave an interesting example. The meeting was held at the Valspar Championship only after the decision had been made.

"Just like the player meeting at Valspar is made AFTER the vote to explain the decision not talk it over. It doesn’t help that the players are outnumbered on the board seats as well”.