Brooks Koepka on his decision to join LIV Golf and injury

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Brooks Koepka on his decision to join LIV Golf and injury
Brooks Koepka on his decision to join LIV Golf and injury (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Despite a lack of indications that this was going to happen, Brooks Koepka made the decision to join LIV Golf last year. Due to his loyalty to the PGA Tour, Koepka did not consider moving to LIV Golf as an option. It seems, however, that Koepka may have had his own reasons for it as he changed his mind shortly after everything.

In the days after he joined LIV Golf, there were a lot of critics who criticized his decision, both from golf fans and famous golfers, who said that he was hypocritical in his decision. As a result of all of this, almost a year after the events of that day began, Koepka has addressed and discussed the whole situation: “I don’t care.

They can think whatever they want to think,"- Koepka said, as quoted by “Listen, I’ve played into the villain role."

Brooks Koepka on his decision

Koepka believes that most people don't see the bigger picture, and the happenings 'behind the screen'

The injury seems to have played an important role in the whole story. “I’m always honest about where I’m at and what I feel is going on. Nothing has changed there. Just honest in how I felt. A lot of what was portrayed as me just in golf.

They left out a lot of that because of injury. Ask any athlete that’s ever been through injury. You lose a lot of confidence. ” Most believe that money is the main reason why Koepka joined LIV Golf. Let's recall his statement two years ago; "Money doesn’t matter,” Koepka said.

“It’s not something that’s important. I just want to be happy. Money’s not going to make me happy. I just want to play against the best. If somebody gave me $200 million tomorrow it’s not going to change my life.

What am I going to get out of it? I already have [enough money] that I could retire right now, but I don’t want to. I just want to play golf”.

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