Koepka and DeChambeau after controversies


Koepka and DeChambeau after controversies

DeChambeau's trolling of Koepka remains in the collective memory while he was being interviewed live on official television at the PGA Championship. Profanity phrase that branded the winner of four majors as illiterate accompanied by a gesture laughing at him in front of the camera.

Months later, Brooks was buying beer for a group of haters who bothered Bryson during the Memorial. A war between two golf banners in the US that Koepka himself revealed how it started: “He did not like that I mentioned his name talking about the slow game.

He approached Ricky, my caddy, and said: 'Tell your boss that if he has something to say to me, he should say it to my face.' At the time it seemed ironic to me that he said that...instead of talking to me that he was very close.

I went up to him in the locker room to talk and we agreed that we would never mention each other. That was the deal. Within a few days he broke this pact. He spoke bad things about me ... ”.

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After years of 'great enemies', LIV Golf has brought them together in its roster of players and in the event that begins today at the Gallery Golf Club in Tucson (Arizona) they will share a match on the opening day as captains of their respective teams.

Koepka (Smash) and DeChambeau (Crushers) will play together alongside another North American legend: Dustin Johnson (4 Aces). "There is no problem between us, in fact, we talk a lot about the LIV," says Koepka now, who seems to have forgotten the past.

Filed over rough edges that coincide with a lawsuit the tournament has received from a Miami nightclub claiming the rights to the LIV Golf name. The owner, David Grutman, considers that the logo and name of the new golf circuit financed by the government of Saudi Arabia is "similar" visually and phonetically to that of the club and that the registration creates confusion among clients defending that his brand is registered for fifteen years, as reported by the US media, citing lawyer Josh Gerben, an expert in trademark registration.

Beyond the controversies, the second tournament of the 2023 season will start with all the stars, including three Spaniards: Sergio García, David Puig and Eugenio López Chacarra.

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