Jon Rahm believes in a solution related to Match Play

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Jon Rahm believes in a solution related to Match Play
Jon Rahm believes in a solution related to Match Play (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Jon Rahm is not happy with the fact that match play events will no longer be on the PGA Tour calendar. The 64-man WCG-Dell Technologies Match Play will be the last chance for many to play match play events, as it will be removed from the calendar.

Rahm hopes that there will be changes in the future and that he will have the opportunity to play this type of event again. "I'm excited. I love match play. It's too bad that this is the last edition of this tournament. I'm hoping maybe it's just a one-year deal and we get a match play event back on the schedule.

It's really the only time throughout the year besides maybe the Ryder Cup where you're playing truly against the person in front of you. That is much more relatable to every sport we play in the world, which is basically about just playing better than the team in front."- Rahm said, as quoted by Many believe that there will be changes, but it is difficult to predict what will happen in the near future.

"I'm sure there's a solution to it. I'm sure there's a way around it, because I think we should have a match play event every single season."

Jon Rahm on Match Play

Rahm also emphasized why individuals do not favor Match Play.

However, he believes that there is still a fun factor, and he really enjoys playing this type of event. "I just don't know what that solution is to make it entertaining enough throughout the entire Sunday or the weekend in general.

[For players] a lot of times you can lose your first two matches playing good golf, you have no way of qualifying and you still have to show up Friday and play otherwise it might affect the group. There's so many reasons why somebody might not like it.

I just enjoy match play. Win or lose, it's a different way of doing things, and I think it's really fun."

Jon Rahm