Mini Solheim Cup, Martens and Mista leaders

Golf. In uppercase. It was also broadcast by Esperanza Aguirre, a luxury guest at the sports festival

by Andrea Gussoni
Mini Solheim Cup, Martens and Mista leaders

When Europe and the United States battle for the precious Solheim Cup champion trophy at Finca Cortesín on September 24, there will be new queens of women's golf. A battle that MARCA Sport Weekend presented to society, months before the duel, in a Mini Solheim Cup by Reale that crowned the color that the team from the 'Old Continent' will wear, blue.

Prelude or just curious things about the sport?

Mini Solheim Cup, results

Be that as it may, Finca Cortesín gave away a precious battle. The field was in a fabulous state, and only the wind rose as an enemy. "It is the factor that I watch the most," said Noemí Jiménez, a professional player.

She did not suffer so much, but the great guests at the event did have to deal with the complex field of Casares. "She had done it twice and I'm still not clear about the secret," confessed the German legend Bernd Schüster.

Golf. In uppercase. It was also broadcast by Esperanza Aguirre, a luxury guest at the sports festival. "Videos have appeared playing at the age of 18 and I'm always linked to golf. It's a fantastic sport in a magnificent event," she said into the MARCA microphone.

In Casares, the blue team adjusted more to Finca Cortesín and made the difference from the stellar match with Caroline Martens, vice-captain of Europe in Solheim, and Mista. The one who was a striker was one of the revelations, pushing from the start.

"It's an incredible course. I'm looking forward to September," said the Norwegian. The first victory in a field in which she hopes to reign again. Incredible for some, difficult for others. The Mini Solheim Cup by Reale brought out the best in professionals and celebrities.

They didn't hide. The start at number 10 of Pepe Salguero -he was a partner with Miguel Ángel Nadal- will be saved, and put David Otero and Álvaro Noblejas in the impossible. Neither short nor lazy, Noblejas did not hide his anger after not even winning.

"It's the worst round of golf of my life," he said with a laugh. The whites, yes, also tasted glory in their victory between Pepín Liria and Fernando Ramírez, in a demonstration of the maestro's qualities. Her 0 handicap at the start didn't lie, talent is for everything and she knocked down Von Hohenlohe and Inés Sastre.

A day of pure sport. That gave away moments from the first to the last flag. Like that "all or nothing" duel that took place between the two initial games, with the professionals, Nadal, Salguero, Noblejas, Otero, Fitzpatrick and Mista, in the 18th.

Martens' fist in the air decided. She is the image of Solheim and gave away strong emotions from the MARCA Sport Weekend. You can already see the greatest spectacle of women's golf. Everything is ready.