New MLR golf ball, Bubba Watson is furious

"We do not have the right to always play better and to achieve more and more exploits"

by Andrea Gussoni
New MLR golf ball, Bubba Watson is furious

A journalist made the mistake of asking Bubba Watson for his position on the proposed new MLR ball to answer. Bubba gave an answer that I think surpasses that of Justin Thomas in its ignorance, self-centeredness, and misinformed logic.

Bubba Watson, statements

“We are the only sport that changes the way we play and we get angry when a pro golfer plays 10 under par for three consecutive days while we cheer when a basketball player scores 50 points, or a baseball player succeeds three home runs or when an American footballer makes 7 touchdowns.

We will never blame an athlete for achieving such feats when we are not the same. We do not have the right to always play better and to achieve more and more exploits". Watson was born and raised in Baghdad (Florida). He is one of the few left-handed golfers and is known on the circuit for the extraordinary power of his drive and the imagination of his game.

Watson is among the longest-playing players on the PGA Tour, averaging 315.2 yards (288.2 m) in 2007 and can reach over 350 yards (320 m), capable of generating ball speeds up to 194mph (312km/h). In April 2012 he won his first Major by beating South African Louis Oosthuizen on the second hole of the playoff.

After making the winning shot he can't contain the emotion crying for several minutes, something that is repeated in the interview that precedes the green jacket dressing ceremony that is brought to him by the defending champion, the South African Charl Schwartzel.

Watson won the 2014 Masters Tournament by a three stroke lead, with a score of -8. He enters the playoffs with 20-year-old rookie Jordan Spieth. With the win, Watson became the 17th player to win the Masters two or more times.

He is by Order of Merit in the 2014 Ryder Cup. Watson married Angela P. "Angie" Watson in September 2004. Watson is also a member of the 'Golf Boys' a boy band consisting of Watson, Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Hunter Mahan and their hit 'Oh Oh Oh' is currently available on YouTube.

The video was produced by Farmers Insurance Group and $1,000 is donated to charity for every 100,000 views it gets. Watson is a Christian and speaks openly about Jesus and the importance of faith in his life and says that God is the most important thing in his life.

Watson also devotes much of his time and money to charity. He bought the mansion in the Isleworth community of Windermere, Florida that was previously owned by Tiger Woods. In 2013, he was added to the Great Floridians list by Governor Rick Scott.

Bubba Watson