Greg Norman on the 'players' who want to join LIV Golf

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Greg Norman on the 'players' who want to join LIV Golf
Greg Norman on the 'players' who want to join LIV Golf

Greg Norman is ready to do big things on the LIV Golf scene. In the world of golf, this Australian is considered to be one of the people who has been criticized the most. It is important to note, however, that none of this seems to stop him from constantly looking for new ways to improve LIV Golf and to attract the very best players.

So far, he has been successful in achieving this goal. LIV Golf has gained great popularity in a short period of time, and they continue to make progress. According to Norman, in a recent interview, a lot of players are interested in participating in this competition, and we will soon be seeing many interesting faces.

“It’s an ongoing process. We’ve got a long list of players who want to come in. We just don’t have the ability today because players are under contract,” Norman told the NCA NewsWire, as quoted by “But we’ll get to a position where there will be a relegation series and places will start opening up.

It’s incredible the amount of players who want to come on board. It would surprise you how good those names are”.

Greg Norman on PGA Tour

The Australian emphasized that at no point did they have the plan to make it us vs.

them. Their only goal was to focus on themselves, and to make progress. However, Norman believes that the PGA Tour first started the 'buzz' “It was never that way. It never had to be one or the other,” he said. “The PGA Tour made it that way.

The PGA Tour opened up Pandora‘s box by threatening players with lifetime bans Somebody came in and offered competition to (the PGA Tour) they didn’t like it. But it’s not going to stay this way forever, because we’re not going anywhere.

So somewhere down the line in some way, shape or form, the two parties have gotta come to the table. It’s product versus product and we’re proud of our product, and our product’s not gonna go anywhere”.

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