Greg Norman announced the LIV Golf women's series in the future

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Greg Norman announced the LIV Golf women's series in the future
Greg Norman announced the LIV Golf women's series in the future

LIV Golf came to the golf scene quietly, but they created real chaos and boom in the world of golf. From day one, Greg Norman understood this as a serious project and decided to do everything to make LIV Golf the strongest tour.

For now, it can be said that he is doing well, but Norman does not want to stop there. Namely, his next goal is to form a women's division and enable female golfers to compete at LIV Golf. "That is a discussion we have internally on a regular basis," said Norman, as quoted by "I have personally had discussions with individual LPGA Tour players, LET Tour players, Ladies European Tour.

“They love what our product is showcasing. They ask all the time, 'How can we get involved?' We'd love to see a LIV ladies series."

Greg Norman and his goals

The progress that they have made so far has pleased Greg Norman.

However, he intends to work even harder in the future in order to create better foundations for the future and to achieve even greater success. If they wish to go in that direction, then forming a women's division would certainly be a smart move.

In the current climate, LIV Golf is not kidding, and they have big ambitions for the future. "From our perspective, last year was a beta season. We had eight events. This year was our first season where we're kicking off," Norman continued.

"We can only drink out of a fire hydrant so much, so we have a lot of opportunities and initiatives coming across our plate. Our focus is to make sure this year we produce what we're producing here from day one, 2023, and then going forward we're looking what are the best opportunities to build on to what we have today.

But the answer to the question is yes, we talk about it (a LIV ladies series) internally, and I have had discussions with individual lady players, professional players."

Greg Norman Liv Golf

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